Cash flow forecasting module

For decades we have supported our clients with cash flow forecasts. Now our expertise is available in the cloud

Your cashflow forecast, more accurate each time

Build financial statement structure
Use our tools to categorize each cash flow into its correct position on your financial statement.
Apply business logic
Apply business logic to estimate cash flows going forward. Our tools help you estimate your cash flows more accurately each time.
Configure reports and analyse
Analyse the outcomes of your forecasts using our configurable reporting engine. Analyse and drill down on cash flows to understand your cash profile.
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Step 1
Add your cash flows

Transactions can be entered or imported easily. The mapping of these transactions and forecasting logic can be created through an intuitive user interface. So you can build your mapping any way you want, and we will gladly assist you to set it all up.


  • Assign transactions based on general ledger codes
  • Distinguish between different bank accounts
  • Multiple currencies
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Step 2
Configure your logic
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Apply business logic

You build your forecast using business logic. We facilitate this process. Apply business logic to estimate cash flows going forward and adjust when you need to. Reuse your business logic across line items and scenarios.


  • Import the desired forecasting logic in one go
  • Create your own forecasting logic in an intuitive way
Step 3
Create your forecast

Start building a forecast by adding expected cash flows or extrapolating your actuals. Or create a more detailed forecast based on your annual budget. Refine your forecast as you go.


  • Create your own level of detail
  • Handle scenarios with ease
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Step 4: Interpret the results
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Analyse all cash flows to manage your liquidity. Create reports at different levels of details. You can compare different forecast versions in your report to quantify the impact of changes, or compare your actuals against a forecast to determine the accuracy of your estimations.


  • Continuous version management
  • Plot multiple scenarios in one graph
  • Cash position is stored accurately down to the day
We can handle a wide variety of cash flows, and different methodologies
Create your own structure
Leverage our mapping engine to create different views on your data. Take a high level view in one report, and drill down in another. On all your data. At the same time.
Templates not needed
You don’t have to work with elaborate templates if you don’t want to. Use our mapping engine to define your data stuctures in our tool. Or push data directly into the tool using our state-of-the-art API.