Contracts module

A user-friendly interface to manage and analyse financial contracts

Spend time analysing your contract cash flows, not figuring out how to input your contracts.

Generate contract cashflows
Generate the cashflow schemes of multiple contract types. Including loans, interest rate swaps and facility agreements.
Event calendar
Gain insight into all the events in your contracts, so you are in control of refinancing and repricing moments.
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Step 1
Import financial instruments

Either import or enter your contracts

Entering contracts is a breeze. Loan and derivative contract details can easily be input in our clear user interface, or can be imported at once using a simple template.

  • Custom repayment type
  • Use prepayment model
  • Add commitment fee
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Step 2
Generate cash flows
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Automate cash flow calculation

After you input your contract details, we will generate the cash flow schedule for your contract. You can tweak the schedule after generation by changing contract details, add interest events, or repayments.


  • Download all contractual cash flows
  • Determine interest rate events
  • Add custom repayments
Step 3
Analyse contracts

You can create customizable reports to easily highlight and share insights in your portfolio, such as interest rate risks and funding cash flows. View cash flows graphically or dive into the details numerically.


  • Filter on each contract characteristic
  • Show cashflows on portfolio level
  • Contract events calendar
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We offer a state-of-the-art solution to cover standard financial instruments, because you have no need for unwanted complexity!
Supported instruments
We support loans, mortgages, credit facilities, project finance, interest rate derivatives and most other instruments you would find on your balance sheet.
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Additional features
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