Leverage our decades of experience helping clients compose long-term forecasts smartly.

Compose and analyse your multi-year financial planning in an intuitive way

Capital investment planning
Your multi-year financial planning drives the strategy of your organization. Our budgeting capabilities provide you with the insight to effectively steer the organization
Impact analysis on bank covenants
Forecast KPIs to align with internal limits and loan covenants. Run scenarios to assess the robustness of your planning.
Simulate funding proposals
When it is time to fund your investment proposals, you want to determine the best funding structure. Use our tools to simulate various structures and pick the best one.
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Step 1
Import actuals

Start with your actuals

Each forecast starts with a look at the actuals from the past year. We have made it easy to upload your financial statements via a template. If you want, you can refine your input in the next step.


  • Upload multiple actuals for different balance dates
  • Only add details where they matter
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Step 2
Configure your budget
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Add planned investments and expenses

Using the actuals as a starting point you can add your planned investments and expenses manually. Gain immediate insight into the effect of a certain change on the various financial statements.


  • Use quarterly planning to gain more control
  • Filter certain investments to tailor the model to your audience
Step 3
Generate financial statements

Generate all your financial statements

Compose your multi-year financial planning in an intuitive way. You can set growth factors, expected values and override calculated values, all in one interface. Create re-usable projections and apply them to any investments you want.


  • Choose the desired level of indexation
  • Direct insight into the effect of a change
  • Override selected values with 100% certainty
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Step 4
Analyse budgets
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Gain insight

Measuring your key financials is essential to get a grip on your budgets. Use our configurable reports to drill down on your key financials and improve your financial health. If you update a projection, we recalculate your forecast automatically, so you’re always looking at the latest version.


  • Use a drilldown to see the origin of a particular value
  • Use different scenarios
  • Create flexible reports using our reporting engine
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