Reduce your model development effort so you can focus on the relevant insights!

Create an efficient and flexible model development process

Flexible model functionality

Open up a wide range of model enhancement and analysis capabilities by leveraging our flexible modelling platform and the expertise of our consultants.

Apply, adjust, test, and compare different modelling assumptions, all at the click of a button.

Efficient model development

Upload your data in a secure environment, calibrate your model, and retrieve results, all within a day!

Experience full model servicing, from model (re)development to (re)calibration and ad-hoc analyses for daily risk management.

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Our solution facilitates management in achieving model compliance and gaining behavioural insights


Our model suite generates IRRBB compliant models. Achieve internal and external model compliance through well substantiated, validated and documented deposit models that are in line with your organisations’ size and complexity.

Instant behavioural risk insights

Use the reporting functionality in the application to directly assess the impact of market developments on your portfolio.

Generate model insights that can directly be used in scenario analysis and portfolio stress testing.

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