Every client is different. Find out how you can tailor the onboarding support to your needs

Our onboarding support ensures a smooth start of the development process

Functional workshops

In these workshops, we discuss how you can use the application to upload client rate, volume, and market data, develop models, and generate reports on Economic Value and Earnings sensitivities for savings portfolios. 

Moreover, the workshops cover an illustration of the many model specifications available in the applications.

Technical support and documentation

Our team of consultants provides technical support and is available for discussions on model configuration and outcomes.

All methodology is documented and validated, to ensure smooth adoption of models by model validation and supervisors.

Let's discuss your preferences!
Select the service package that fits your needs
Self-service package
Develop models yourself using the application
Receive unlimited access to the application, where you can calibrate and develop more than 50 different client rate, volume and replicating portfolio model alternatives.
Full-support package
Profit from our consultancy experience in your model development
Receive additional consultancy support on your model design and (re)calibration, tailored to your needs and preferences.

Savings Modelling Benchmark

A three-step approach to benchmark your modelling approach against your peers, available at an attractive fixed fee!

1. Model Analysis
We analyse current model components, based on model documentation and Q&A sessions with the model owner
2. Peer review
Compare your current modelling approach to the models of over 20 banks
3. Benchmark workshop
Create actionable results, presented by our consultant in a workshop