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Enabling banks to build robust models for on-demand savings, backed by the knowledge and experience of Zanders

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On-demand savings are an important source of funding for retail banks.

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Cash flow model
Separately model the client rate and volume outflow with respect to underlying explanatory factors.
Cash flow models are suited to measure the (non-)parallel risk profile of non-maturing deposits, but not for internal risk transfer purposes.
Replicating portfolio
Translate the interest rate and/or liquidity-typical profile of deposits into a portfolio of fixed-rate contracts.
Replicating portfolios are suited to calculate the value risk profile and for internal risk transfer, but do not take into account behavioural modelling earning (at-risk) and non-parallel risk calculations.
Our solution provides several benefits, both for modellers and management:
  • ✓ Highly flexible model functionality
  • ✓ Efficient model development
  • ✓ Internal and external compliance
  • ✓ Instant behaviour risk insights

The onboarding process contains several components:

  • ✓ Functional workshops on the application
  • ✓ Technical support and data requirements
  • ✓ Functional documentation and user manual

Additionally, this can be extended with our NMD benchmark or further support in model development and calibration.

Let’s discuss your requirements! ✓ Calculate your time and cost savings

Use our extensive functionality and expertise to quickly and efficiently develop non-maturing models, tailored to your needs

High-speed configuration
Use our solution to define a model configuration within 3 minutes, and generate results in half an hour
Cloud-based solution
Our solution is directly available without initial development costs and can be accessed anywhere any time
Proven track record
Zanders has supported numerous banks in developing their non-maturing deposits models, and aligning these models with various risk related challenges

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