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Credit ratings
An accurate view on creditworthiness is crucial for any organisation with material outstanding exposures. Whether it’s for pricing, counterparty risk management or reporting purposes, our state-of-the-art credit rating models are the solution to your challenge.
Expected Credit Loss
Eliminate the operational complexities of calculating IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss. Bring your calculations to the cloud and let the credit risk suite take care of the calculations, from start to finish, at the click of a button!
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Rating corporates
Our corporate rating model distinguishes between 18 industry sectors and 3 different size classes, building widely accepted risk drivers to generate an accurate rating, regardless of the company.
A complete risk profile
A set of widely accepted financial ratios form the basis of our model, which is supplemented with a qualitative framework, internal or external support and possible user overrides to create a complete assessment of counterparty creditworthiness, expressed on a recognizable rating scale
Data driven
Our model is built on millions of records and recalibrated annually to ensure optimal performance. The model performance metrics are among the best in the market
Bank ratings
Leveraging decades of credit risk expertise and extensive databases, the bank rating model provides ratings for all your banking counterparties, regardless of size, geography or segment.
A complete risk profile in four steps
The main financial risk drivers from banks’ annual reports are supplemented with a qualitative assessement, internal or external support and possible user overrides to generate a rating on a recognizable rating scale
Data driven
Calibrated on a database containing historical bank financials, tested against the market and annualy updated to reflect latest trends.
Loss Given Default estimations
The LGD model estimates the expected Loss Given Default for individual credit facilities, based on the characteristics of the facility, seniority of the transaction and availability and quality of pledged collateral. The expert-based model leverages years of experience and has been benchmarked versus other LGD models.
Different exposure type coverage
The Zanders LGD model covers a broad range of exposure types, including secured and unsecured lending, mortgages, trade finance transactions, etc.
The LGD model supports a wide variety of exposure - and collateral types. Moreover, to meet up to your requirements, the model can fully be customised to your needs.
IFRS 9 compliancy
Meet your IFRS 9 accounting requirements using our ECL calculation engine. Determine loan provisions with ease. The calculation engine adapts to your data formats and methodologies.
ECL calculations
Calculate ECL on loan or portfolio level, using custom discount curves and macro-economic scenarios. Bring your own models, or use ours, to determine PDs and LGDs. The calculation engine incorporates IFRS 9 requirements, such as loan staging, forward-looking information and scenarios.
Accounting figures
The calculation engine generates ready-available ECL reports, providing granular results as well as a portfolio overview. The resulting provisions can be fed directly to your accounting system to be included in your financial reporting.
Our modules are integrated into a complete IFRS 9 solution.
Bring your IFRS 9 compliancy to the next level!

Leverage our rating models, LGD model and ECL calculation, and make the Credit Risk Suite your one-stop-shop for IFRS 9 compliancy.

IFRS 9 compliancy has never been easier. From portfolio to provisions in just a few clicks!

credit rating

Credit risk doesn’t have to be a headache!
By using our best-in-class models and
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Data-driven model
Our models are powered by extensive datasets and finetuned by years of credit risk experience
IFRS 9 compliant
Our models help multiple financial institutions to become IFRS 9 compliant
Proven track record
Zanders has supported numerous banks in their credit risk challenges, and our models are used by over 500 banks and corporates.
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