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Leveraging APIs
Modular design
Implement only the required functionality. Our tooling is built on a modular design. Using our readily available API connectivity, we will pull in the required data, create the calculations and TP reports and push back the results to your software.
< 1 day
We have state-of-the-art connectivity readily available. This allows our technical experts to speed up the implementation. Connecting to SAP, for example, will take less than a day.
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Seamless integration with SAP
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One click functionality

First, a credit rating is determined based on financial data, qualitative information and group support. Then, comparables are automatically selected and adjustments are made where necessary. Lastly, a detailed TP report is generated.
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Simply stay within SAP

Results are shown in SAP

Users will be presented with the proposed arm’s length interest rate and will be given the opportunity to insert a user override. Once the interest rate is confirmed, the deal in SAP is finalized and a TP report is saved on the Zanders Inside platform.
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ISAE3402 TYPE II Certified
A secure platform to
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Access security

Log on to a secure platform anytime and anywhere. Users can log on with their credentials or via a single sign-on.

Incident & change management

Each incident or change request follows strict procedures, such as a four eyes review. This segregation of duties guarantees the performance of the solutions.

Data security

Strict back-up policies and restore testing ensure data security at any point in time.

Business continuity

Our uptime tester ensures that our platform is continuously checked and available. As soon as you may notice downtime, our team is already working to resolve it.