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Hassle-free comprehensive LGD calculations
The LGD model is embedded in our Credit Risk Suite, guaranteeing hassle-free LGD assessments as part of your ECL calculations.
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Assess LGD on individual facility level
The LGD model provides insight in the LGDs on a facility level.
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Leveraging on years of experience
The Zanders LGD model is an expert-based model that leverages on years of experience.
Benchmarked on other LGD models
In line with market practice
Zanders is constantly in touch with relevant industry players and performs benchmarking of its internal approach versus other approaches in the market, to ensure its approach remains in line with market practice.
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LGD estimates

Assessment criteria

Our LGD model takes into account a variety of drivers, including seniority, collateral type and coverage, country of risk, collateral claim ranking, additional security and guarantees and cross-collateralization.

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LGD model methodology
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The process for determining the LGD consists of the following steps:

  • Seniority of transaction: A minimum recovery rate is determined based on the seniority of the transaction.
  • Collateral coverage: The collateral coverage of the facility is determined in order to estimate the total recovery rate.
  • Mapping to LGD class: The total recovery rate is mapped to an LGD class using an LGD scale.
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