ECL calculation engine

Complete IFRS 9-compliant ECL calculations in just a few clicks. Financial reporting has never been this easy.

Comprehensive, IFRS 9-compliant provision calculations in just minutes.

Safe, easy and fast calculations
Convenient, secure and robust interface
The solution is hosted in a secure Microsoft cloud with enterprise performance. No need to worry about system maintenance, server capacity, et cetera. All you need is a browser.
Output ready to use for your reporting
Model reports directly from the engine
The engine provides you with all the output you need. Detailed calculation overviews provide you insights in the results. Output reports can be directly used for your reporting.
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Step 1
Upload your portfolio data

Required input files can be uploaded to the browser-based workflow by simply dragging or selecting the files. Input include the loan portfolio, cash flow schedules, collateral and guarantees, counterparty information

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Step 2
Select macro-economic scenarios
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The ECL leverages macro-economic input such as GDP, unemployment and inflation indicators for the forward-looking information information. The input can be provided by you or selected from our standard parameters.

Step 3
Run the calculation engine

Lastly, you only need to run the model and the ECL engine will take care of the rest.

The ECL calculation follows IFRS 9 regulation, and includes elements such as staging, forward looking PD, macro economic scenarios.

Our model output contains both portfolio level and detailed (intermediate) results and provisions.

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Customized models, because no portfolio is the same
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We are daily available to provide support, explanations or training on our solution when you need it. This way, we make sure that you can use the solution problem-free.

Model monitoring

We continuously monitor our models to make sure they meet up to our quality standards and regulatory requirements. We leverage on our knowledge and insights from the market and our clients to continuously improve our solution.
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